10 Things Not to Miss in Paris

Paris is the city of love and romance, which is why so many couples travel there to declare their love, renew their romance, or simply enjoy each other while having one adventure after another.  Of course, this city is perfect for those who are not couples too, and singles and families will find that they will easily fall in love with everything that this city has to offer.

Here are 10 things not to miss is Paris:

  1. The Latin Quarter

So many tourists spend their time in the more popular areas of Paris, which is great until they realize how much they are truly missing out on.  The Latin Quarter is one of those things and no one should leave Paris until they have seen a few of the sights within.  The best ones include La Closerie des Lilas Café, the Old Sorbonne University, and the Shakespeare & Company Bookshop.


  1. The Louvre

Most visitors have this famed museum on their list of things to do, which is no surprise since it is home to more than four hundred and sixty thousand works of art.  Although, only a little more than thirty-five thousand of them are on display at a time.  The most magical and most popular piece is Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, and everyone will want to arrive early, so they do not need to spend hours waiting in line to see it.

Check out their website for current exhibitions and ticket prices at https://www.louvre.fr/en/homepage


  1. Tuileries Garden

Those who take the time to see the Louvre will want to stop and explore the nearby Tuileries Garden afterwards.  Travelers will love wandering along the pathways and will be thrilled to see different ice cream parlors tucked away between the greenery.


  1. Montmartre

Montmartre is the 18th arrondisement in the city and this is where travelers will experience Old Paris as they wander around taking in the sights.


  1. Catacombs of Paris

Out of all the must-see sights in Paris, travelers shouldn’t leave the catacombs off their list.  These catacombs were created inside the tunnels of old quarries and visitors must be prepared to climb down one hundred thirty-one steps to see the old bones before climbing one hundred and twelve steps to get back up to the main section of the city.


  1. Les Invalides

Those interested in history, and even those who are not, will find the museums and monuments of Les Invalides quite amazing.  Each one contains historical information and artifacts from France’s military, as well as Napoleon Bonaparte’s burial site.


  1. Notre Dame Cathedral

Visitors will want to arrive at this cathedral early in the morning, as the crowds arrive shortly thereafter to see the phenomenal panoramic views from the towers.

While entrance is free it is worth checking out their website for upcoming events http://www.notredamedeparis.fr/en/


  1. Jardin du Luxembourg

These gardens are always a welcomed sight during the summer months when everything is in bloom.  Both locals and travelers can be seen there relaxing and taking time to enjoy lunch or a snack before rushing off to the next item on their list for the day.


  1. Arc de Triomphe

This massive feature in the city can be found on Champs Élysées and most visitors will want to take the time to see it from below and up on top.  Those who are visiting this attraction will want to take the time to pay their respects to the unknown soldier who is buried underneath the Arc.


  1. Eiffel Tower

No one could possibly miss the Eiffel Tower as they arrive in Paris, however, everyone should take the time to see it up close as well.  While some people marvel at the views from the top, others skip that trip completely.  There is no right or wrong way to visit or appreciate this tower, as long as everyone sees it in the way that will make them the happiest.

For tickets and information visit their official site https://www.toureiffel.paris/en


Everyone who travels to Paris will want to make sure that they do not miss these ten things during their stay, as each one will share a significant part of the history of the city.  There is one other thing that everyone must do while in Paris as well, and that is have one of their infamous macarons.  Although, no one can seem to stop at one!

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