Enjoy the Family Friendly Side of New York City

New York City may be one of the few cities around the world where people never seem to sleep, but that doesn’t mean that visitors will not be able to find multiple things to do with their families.  In fact, this massive city is more family friendly than people think!

Here are some of the favorite family friendly attractions everyone will love to visit:

Central Park

This massive urban park is the perfect place for families to wander around, plus there is so much room, that running through the grass is always a welcomed experience!  Children of all ages will love seeing the authentic Belvedere Castle, but it will be the animals inside the Central Park Zoo that will capture everyone’s attention the most.  No one should leave this area before taking a horse and carriage ride through the park, as it is one of the most traditional New York City experiences!

Chelsea Market

There are so many restaurants within this large city, and while some are on the main streets and others are tucked away into alleys. Families might prefer those that they find at Chelsea Market.  The market has so many different options, which means that every family member can eat exactly what they want and never need to compromise.  Plus, after a quick bite to eat, everyone can do a little shopping before tossing a coin into the fountain and making a wish.


The Top of the Rock Observation Deck

Many families may think that the best views can be seen from the top of The Empire State Building, and while that may be true, those people need to stand in majorly long lines before they can begin their ride to the top.  The lines are much shorter at The Top of the Rock, which means that families can reach the 70th floor quickly to see phenomenal views of the city and Central Park.  During the winter months, when everyone reaches the bottom again, they can go ice skating on the rink in the central plaza of Rockefeller Center.


5th Avenue

Not many children love to shop, but not too many of them will balk at wandering down 5th Avenue and looking at all the window displays.  This is especially true during the holiday season when every window seems to come to life!  Families may skip over Tiffany & Co., Gucci, and Chanel, but children will definitely want to enter the LEGO store, the American Girl Place store, and Build a Bear.

Broadway Shows

Unless the children of the family are really small, they should all fall in love with at least some of the shows that are available to see on Broadway.  The current all-time favorites include The Lion King, School of Rock, Frozen, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and Aladdin.

Times Square

There is something for the whole family in Times Square and children will love having their picture taken with Elmo, Dora the Explorer, the Statue of Liberty, and many other characters.  Of course, the parents may want to have their picture taken with the Naked Cowboy at some point.  Everyone will need a little chocolate pick me up while in Times Square, and the perfect place to get some is Hershey’s Chocolate World.  Visitors can personalize their own Hershey’s milk chocolate bar wrapper, mix and match their favorite chocolate products, and order a large toasty s’more to enjoy.


Grand Central Terminal

Everyone must ride the subway in New York City at least once, so families should venture down to the Grand Central Terminal, purchase their ticket, and hop on board.  Once back at this terminal, families can take a tour to discover the hidden stairways and see which bar used to be a private apartment.  Children will love the constellations that sparkle on the ceiling in the main wing, so families should plan to spend a few extra minutes in that area.


The High Line

This public park used to be a railroad, so visitors should anticipate the treasures that can be discovered throughout this lush space.  Some families may choose to walk all the way from Gansevoort Street at one end to West 34th on the other, while others will stick to smaller areas in between.  There is no limit to what can be done or seen inside this park, especially when special events are taking place.  Everyone will want to check and see if storytelling, dance activities, gardening, or stargazing events are being held when they are in the city.


The American Museum of Natural History

This museum is a child’s dream destination, because after all, where else can they spot a Titanosaur that is one hundred and twenty-two feet tall?!  Other fascinating features include the Alaska brown bear, the great canoe, the blue whale, and the Willamette meteorite.  This museum also has special exhibits on occasion and one of the upcoming ones is going to be all about the T-Rex.


There are so many other family friendly destinations within this marvelous city, which means that families of all sizes can spend days or weeks exploring and never be bored!  It is best for families to only plan on doing one or two things each day that they are in the city, because most attractions can take hours to see completely.  Plus, the distance between some family friendly destinations can be further than others, and the time spent walking can tire out every member of the family.





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