Family Vacation Activities in Eastern Canada

Most people – avid tourists and sporadic travellers alike – associate Canada with maple syrup, hockey, cold weather and of course the Niagara Falls. But as tourists who’ve visited this country with uniquely dazzling mountains, landscapes and countless tourist activities would attest – there is more to Canada than meets the eye. Not only does Canada offers bustling metropolises like Toronto and Vancouver for the party and adventure seeking visitors, this naturally diverse country can be the perfect location for your next family vacation. One can hardly find a place in Eastern Canada which isn’t family-friendly, but since almost all vacationing families have a time limit on their vacations, organizing a vacation which will be adventurous, fun and deeply connected to the local environment is very important and complicated. So how to organize a family vacation which will amaze both the adults and the children in your family and at the same time convey the “gist” of Canada to the whole family?

Nova Scotia

Geographically observed, this Canadian province is the perfect mix of Canada’s beautiful mountainous landscape and the splendidly alluring Atlantic coast. Apart from the luscous sea food and its sometimes rough seas, you can find a lot of family-friendly locations and activities in Nova Scotia.

Enjoy White Point Beach Resort

Booking your accommodation in this homely oceanfront resort is the perfect choice you can make for your family. What sets this resort apart from other tourist hot-spots in Nova Scotia is the plethora of kid-friendly activities and spaces whether that is the “kids’ zone” – an interactive area devoted solely to entertaining the youngest through various crafty activities, games and beachside movies – or the games room that is quite similar in its nature to the “kids’ zone” with the difference that this space offers similar activities to those in the “kids’ zone” but with the possibility of participation of the parents and teenagers.

Play dress up at Halifax Citadel

Visiting Halifax Citadel can be a sort of respite from all the previous adventurous and adrenaline-filled activities of your great Canada adventure but an educational opportunity as well. Both the adults and the children can learn about the history and the historical background and significance of this 19th century citadel. But the most fun and exhilarating activity for kids will be the three-hour Soldier for a day program which transfers the participants to the days of Halifax’s founding and transfers them in an authentic way in the everyday life of a Highlander along with his duties, equipment and of course stunning uniform.

Wander down the boardwalk in Halifax

Enjoy walking down the extraordinary boardwalk in Halifax and experience the breath-taking Atlantic coastline up-close. By doing so, you’ll experience a tranquil experience, while simultaneously enjoying in the buzzing Halifax cityscape.

See the world’s highest tides at the Bay of Fundy

After you’re done soaking in all the energetic vibes of Halifax’s urban buzz, your perfect next destination is the Bay of Fundy. While the twinkling scent of the fresh and breezy ocean air peacefully intoxicates and relaxes you, you’ll be able to watch tides with the height of a four-storey building.

Prince Edward Island

This smallest Canadian province is not only historically important for Canada as the “Birthplace of Confederation”, it is important for tourism as well, because of the stunning sceneries along the coastline, the flavoursome food and of course the enduring legacy of Anne of Green Gables.

Theatre at the Guild

This all-round equipped theatre is a fitting venue for enriching your Canada family vacation with a bit of entertainment and new cultural experiences. Apart from offering performances by both established and new artists, this theatre gives visitors and performers alike a singular blend of an intimate atmosphere in a professional theatre atmosphere. One other appealing aspect of this theatre is its frequent productions of Anne & Gilbert, which take place several times a month.

Annual Abegweit pow-wow on Panmure Island

Participating in this event will probably be an experience unlike anything you’ll experience during your stay in Canada. This will not be akin to a visit to a bustling city, an important natural habitat or a cosy resort, because through participating in this ancient rite, you’ll connect to the past and exult life through feasting and dancing to the “Heart Beat of Mother Earth”.


After an interlude of visiting interesting sites, resting and reuniting with nature in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, Ontario will be the perfect sprinting wave of the metropolitan hustle and bustle along with innumerable spots you can visit and activities you can participate in in this exuberant city. But, the overabundance of things you can do can be overwhelming to a point where you won’t be able to make your mind on what is the most pleasurable thing to do. If we add to the equation that this is a family vacation, there are probably two activities most fitting for your Canadian family vacation in Ontario: visiting the Toronto zoo and a train tour through the Agawa Canyon.

Visit Toronto Zoo

A home of over 5000 animals, the Toronto zoo is the perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon with the family. This visit will be both fun and educational, as it will teach the kids about all seven zoogeographic regions and introduce them with hundreds and hundreds of species who are living in their natural habitats. Visitors can observe the animals from many viewing levels and one thing which is particularly convenient for family visits is the Kids zoo area.

Agawa Canyon Tour Train

This one-day thrill will transport you from the seemingly ordinary Sault Ste. Marie to awe-inspiring and unspoiled rivers, lakes and forests of the Canadian Shield. This tour which has been tailor-made for families, will transport you to a seemingly familiar and yet exotic landscape while providing you with activities just for you and your family like going on picturesque walks on gravelled trails which will ultimately lead you to several beautiful waterfalls.

Have you tried any of these activities before? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below.

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