Top 10 Beach Family Holiday Destinations in South East Asia

South East Asia has so much going for it, which is why it is the perfect choice for families looking for some adventures while on vacation.  While culture and history can be found in abundance, it is often the beaches that are the biggest draw for parents and their children.

Here are the top 10 beach family holiday destinations in South East Asia:

  1. Phuket, Thailand

The beaches in Phuket are spectacular. Families of all sizes will love the numerous water sports activities that are available at most of them.  Patong Beach is the most popular, while Laem Ka Beach and Naithon Beach are the quietest.


  1. Mui Ne, Vietnam

This area of the country is slowing growing in popularity. Tourists are realizing how fantastic the beaches are.  Kite surfing and windsurfing are the activities done the most in Mui Ne, but kids of all ages will love getting the chance to go dune sledding or sliding in the nearby sand dunes on their family holiday.


  1. Krabi, Thailand

Adventure loving families with older children will love the climbing opportunities that are available to them in Krabi.  Railay Beach has the easiest climbing routes, while Tonsai Beach is best left to the experts.


  1. Kep, Cambodia

Deteriorating villas may be everywhere on the coastline, but families shouldn’t let those stop them from enjoying the beaches in this part of the world.  The resorts are perfect for families. Between dips in the water, children will love spending time in the caves and at the local pepper farm and crab market.


  1. Pulau Joyo, Indonesia

One of the best beaches in South East Asia for families might be the one that can be found on the private island in Pulau Joyo.  A family’s every need will be met by the staff and kids will love exploring the island before being treated to a grand fireworks show after the sun sets in the sky.


  1. Sangat Island in Palawan, The Philippines

This island is perfect for those families who love vacationing in paradise and visiting secluded islands at the same time.  Entire families can dive down to see the shipwrecks, or they can stay above the water in kayaks.


  1. Siargao Island, The Philippines

It is all about surfing on this island, although some visitors simply sit back and watch the surfing that occurs over at Cloud 9.  This is a perfect choice for those families who are active. There are so many activities to choose from on this family holiday.


  1. Cat Ba Island, Vietnam

A national park can be found on at least half of this island. Families should plan on spending a good amount of their time off the beach exploring it.  Everyone will also want to spend time in the Hospital Cave, which is the cave where soldiers were treated during the Vietnam War.  The best part about this beach vacation though is the opportunity that families have to potentially spot the Cat Ba langur, as it is one of the most endangered primates in the entire world.


  1. Macleod Island, Myanmar

There are plenty of family-friendly activities to participate in on this island. Families will love spending their days doing more than just lounging on the beach.  In between it all, families will enjoy being pampered in the luxurious resorts that can be found on the island.


  1. Redang Island, Malaysia

This is one of the top beach destinations within the country, especially from the months of April through July.  While kids will love spending time in the sand and the water, they will also love visiting the turtle sanctuary.


Families who are looking for a spectacular beach family holiday will want to consider these top 10 beach destinations. Each one offers something wonderful and families will enjoy every minute of their vacation at any of them.


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