Top 10 Central/South American Beaches to Have A Family Getaway

There are many reasons why Central and South America are a hotspot for vacationers, but one of the top reasons is its iconic beaches and great climate that lasts year round. Many families visit the beaches annually to unwind and create memories that they will cherish for a long time.

If you are planning to visit the Central or South American beaches, here are the top 10 beaches we recommend.

  • Ambergris Caye, Belize: If you’re looking for a place to have some quiet time with your family, Ambergris Caye has everything you could want. It is lined with fine sand beaches and coconut trees as well as a few hotels and residences. The beach is usually less crowded and offers several exciting activities for the family such as snorkeling, mangrove tours, cruising to the reefs and biking. Ambergris Caye is ideal for families who are looking to a secluded option.

  • Mal Pais Beach, Costa Rica: Mal Pais Beach is widely considered to be the ultimate surfing destination on the Rican Pacific coast. Its rip currents and underwater reefs aid create powerful waves, making the beach a favourite for surfers. The beaches are just magnificent, and kids will have no trouble wandering and playing in the sand. Mal Pais Beach also boasts lots of fun like biking, kite surfing, surf fishing, diving, volleyball and so on.

  • Playa El Coco, San Juan Del Sure, Nicaragua: A short drive from the Costa Rice border and you will find the San Juan Del Sur, a beach that’s second to none in entire Nicaragua. It is an expansive beach that welcomes many tourists, an indication that it is well suited to families. There is also a range of accommodation options to cater to all tastes – from the affordable ones to the luxurious options. A short distance from it is Playa El Coco which is less crowded but not inferior to San Juan Del Sure. It is the ideal destination for a perfect family getaway with lots of fun activities like horse rides, soccer and beach volleyball.

  • Placencia, Belize: Located on the Caribbean coast of Belize, Placencia is a hotspot for tourists and is largely known for its palm-lined beaches. The sparkling sand and turquoise waters are just a part of the attractions as the city itself is a place waiting to be discovered. You can take a tour to see the manati which is close by with your family or check out the lagoon. Your kids won’t be bored either as the beach is great for surfing, swimming, sunbathing, volleyball, biking and every other fun activity you can think of.


  • Bendita Beach, Cartagena, Colombia: The beaches in Cartagena may not be the best, but if you take a short boat trip to the Rosario Islands, you will discover the magical beaches that boast pristine waters and lush vegetation. The town is largely undeveloped, but it is ideal for families as it is clean and clear. Children can even swim in the waters as there are almost waves. If you’re lucky, you and your family might be the only one on the beach the entire time, meaning you all can enjoy a good deal of privacy.

  • Ilha Grande, Brazil: A vast oceanfront, lush vegetation, flying birds, white sand and clear waters – this the surprise that when you take a trip to Ilha Grande in the South of Brazil. There are no dangerous animals in the jungle, and the locals are friendly too. The Ilha Grande beach has a party vibe, lots of activities for kids and adults, and many restaurants that serve local and European food.

  • Red Frog Beach, Panama: Panama is known for its great beaches, and one of the most beautiful beaches is the Red Frog Beach. Located on an island named Isla Bastimentos, the beach offers stunning scenery that is framed by lush rain-forest. Apart from relaxing on the beach, other exciting activities for everyone is zip lining, boat tours, kayaking and hiking.

  • West Bay Beach, Honduras: Located in Roatan, this iconic beach is a paradise for divers and snorkelers. If your kids are looking to learn surfing, diving or snorkeling, West Bay Beach is a perfect destination that should make it to your bucket list. You can also take a cruise trip in a glass floor ship or go kayaking.

  • Playa Samara, Costa Rica: Playa Samara is beach hidden out of sight on the Western Side of Costa Rica, and it is sheltered by a bay and a large coral reef. There are several hotels, restaurants and vacation rentals near the beach as well as tour companies that organize family tours which are suitable for all ages. The waves are minimal, and the waters are friendly for little swimmers.

  • El Paredon Guatemala: Want an adventure instead of a relaxation spot for your family? El Paredon in Guatemala is the beach to visit! It is not the place to go because of the calm waters because it offers some of the best surf breaks in the whole region, which is a reason why experienced surfers troop to it. If you and your family are willing to learn, you can also visit the beach.

Finally, as you can see, there are several beaches you can visit for a perfect family getaway as there are a lot of activities to guarantee a great time. But the best part is that all of them are ideal for families, meaning you can take your kids along when you visit them.


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